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Your radio can transmit in a very short time indeed. On this page we bring you answers to frequently asked questions. In case you can not find the answer to your question, contact us at:

Do I need a licence to be able to broadcast radio?
No. Your radio does not need any broadcasting license and can begin transmitting almost instantly. However, it is important to follow the laws! Contact us and we will advise!

Can the radio be tuned on a PC only?
Current technology allows to receive Internet radio on almost the same level as FM radio. Internet radio can currently be tuned in automobiles, tablets, mobile phones, but also on the tabletop radios in addition to FM radios which offer the possibility to listen to radio stations broadcasting on the internet.

Is Radio expensive?
Yes and no. Traditional FM radio has a very expensive operation. The cost of your internet radio, on the contrary, is minimal. Traditional FM radio has a local scope. Your radio has a global reach. Your radio is your property!

Where can you use your own radio?
You can use it  wherever you need it. In a shopping  center, hotel, bar, cafe, firm, office. Each type has its advantages and we are always able to offer you the best service and the best transmission. Remember that your radio is your new (not only)marketing tool! Even without your knowledge!

What do I need to do my own broadcasting?
Nothing. If you do not want actively participate in your posting. Just your own PC and Internet access. Our service is here  for anyone, therefore you do not need anything. Only a radio receiver to listen to your programme!

Does the radio have to be only Music alone?
No. You can broadcast whatever you like. You can have a language radio, talk-show, simply there are not limits. You do not have to worry that you won’t know what to do. We will prepare everything according to your wishes, train you, and we will be your supervision during the broadcast.

Do you offer radio training?
Of course. Our team has been working in different radios and TV companies for over 20 years and offers a professional service. We do not make any difference and training is important to us. The practical part takes place in a real  radio transmitting on FM frequencies. We treat everyone individually. Our training is not only subject to the operation of a radio. Training is a service offered for a fee to external entities.

I'm outside of Europe - I can use the services?
Streaming and the radio is provided by a company in the USA at:
8345 NW 66 ST # B5679
MIAMI, FL 33166

Thanks to the Internet focused services and a wide network of associates, we offer our product to the whole world. Our services can be used in the USA, the Czech Republic and Australia. Our service has no boundaries.

Can I pay cash?
Unfortunately, no. All payments are made through PAYPAL payment portal. This system allows the payment worldwide.

Do I have to pay royalties (copyright  fees)?
Yes and no. It depends on what you broadcast! You don’t have to if you transmit your own music, spoken word, or audio intended for free distribution. For transmission of commercial music, you should pay the legal fees. We offer the option to pay these fees and you will be surprised with our service and especially the price! You will definitely broadcast for the best price and legally! But you can pay the fees yourself -  without our help.