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You have never been closer to your own radio…

Webcast has a significant advantage in that it does not require a broadcasting license from the state. Everyone can be on the air. Another advantage is that the Internet has no borders, so you can reach the whole world. Our partners and affiliates can be found throughout the Word - in the USA, Great Britain, Australia and other places. Private radio may like to be established by an amateur band that does not have funding and seeks opportunities for promotion, or can serve as the applicable corporate radio. The radio can also be tuned by a regular listener on their phones, tablets and other devices!

Radio for cities, villages, regions ...

Internet radio replaces and far outweighs what a classic FM radio can offer you. Are you an office? A post office, a tax office, a Health insurance company, hospital, bus or train station, hotel - there are dozens of options. We are happy to give you everything you need. Radio can be used not only as a marketing tool, but also as a service to citizens to inform about everything that is important - news from City Hall, recruitment, advertising, changes in the operation - opening hours, cultural information and so on. Your radio is, of course, can be heard around the world, it also means compatriot connection with their hometown, territories and possibly the oportunity not only to establish business cooperation, but also the presentation of the region. Use this posibility and determine the shape of your radio!


Radio for entrepreneurs and businesses

Your radio may have dozens of options and reasons why your company should run it. Promotion of the company and its products all over the world, the possibility of presentation and advertising, partners’ promotion, the possibility of listening to it at the workplace and in its own branch stores (shops, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.) The radio can be set so that it becomes a radio for company employees' families. The program can be set as desired. Companies also can use their advertising time for the advertising purposes of their partners, etc. Your radio will be the best marketing project in your company. For the owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. there is no problem to create a special multi - language broadcasts for clients. The radio can also be a tool for presenting the work of associations and clubs. From hunting and fishing to sports club radio and thus will be a good companion and also a tool for creating and linking not only your community.


Radio for Everyone

Looking for a way to communicate with friends, customers? Wondering how to simply convey information about events, discounts, contests to your customers? Wondering how to communicate your ideas or just show your work? So why not choose your own radio - the most effective medium not only in the current Internet world.

A crucial advantage of radio "broadcast" on the Internet is the availability. There is no problem to listen to Liberec radio in Prague, Brno, Vienna, but also in Tokyo and Los Angeles, and of course vice versa. To operate your own radio you don’t have to do anything. We‘ll prepare everything for you and will take care of posting. everyone who is interested in our services can have radio! Our services are also suitable for people with disabilities, children's homes, schools and kindergardens.