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Why your own radio?

Why your own radio? Is it really for everyone?

 Companies which offer their own radio on the Internet are available. But you don’t find companies that offer you a complete service for your own radio. With us you do not have to do anything! We will prepare a custom built radio for you, train you or find an answer to any question you may have about your own production! Your advantage is almost zero running costs! Radio is a very good marketing tool. For a number of companies, this investment will save money because they will get a new promotion instrument even their own communication channel to their customers, through which they can with no additional cost communicate important messages. Another advantage is your own space, which can of course also be used for commercial sale to other entities.

nakladyThe minimum cost

It is really so. You don’t need expensive broadcasting studio, microphones, limiters, transmitters and other expensive technology! Just enthusiasm and interest in broadcasting and everything else we will arrange for you! Classic FM radios spend on their operation cost hundreds of thousands. Your radio will adapt to every budget!


obsahCustom content

Your radio = your own programme. With your radio, you can talk about what you want and nobody will restrict you, of course, within the law :) With your own radio, you can create a unique project that isn’t on the market. Don’t forget that anyone can have their own radio programme! From sports teams to various associations and special interest groups.


znackaBrand Building

Building and running your own FM radio is only for the rich. You can have the same transmission at minimum cost. With your knowledge, experience, and type of broadcasting, you can not only build your "IMAGE", you can offer your programme to both traditional radio stations and the media. Your brand goes around the world 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!!


sila Advertising strength

Thanks to your radio, listeners will be informed about your products, services and other activities. Without limits, constraints,and in your specified intervals and wave lengths. Thanks to your radio you can offer your advertising space to other clients and those interested in advertising. Sales of advertising time can "sponsor" your broadcasting and also possibly bring even more profit!!