Types of Programmes

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Music and the Spoken Word

The most common kind of the radio programme. You choose the style of music of your radio (it can be throughout the day according to time of day) and we will prepare a suitable programme to your reguest. Radio broadcasts can include interviews, contests, listener requests and other programme blocks. This style of broadcasting and radio is designed especially for those who want to have a real radio that will appeal to the general public. A combination of live broadcasts (moderator) with pre-recorded video (recording) is possible.



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Music channels

Very popular broadcasts intended for a very wide group of listeners. Your radio can play music from jazz, metal, country, and rock to styles not only for younger listeners (house, trance, rave, techno, etc.). Posting is not disturbed by the spoken word, only the identification station (jingle) and possibly by informational announcements.Thhis broadcasting is very popular in waiting rooms, offices, hospitals, public transport vehicles, etc.



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Spoken Word

Are you Bloggers, writers, authors of stories or do you want to broadcast your ideas to the whole world? Your Talk Radio is the best solution. Your radio can broadcast live or have your work recorded and then transmitted nonstop.We will create a radio right for you and we will teach you to work with sound and possible adaptation of your work. Join the big radio family and create a unique TALK SHOW!!



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Special programs

From the children to pensioners or the handicapped, everyone can transmit their own radio because of us. For children broadcastion can be a pleasant additiononal activity - media education. For persons with a handicap it can be a way of self realization and for others a possible way of making new friends, getting new knowledge and a posibility of your own implementation! These types of radios are very popular among schools, orphanages, retirement homes and sports clubs. We will prepare your radio according to your requirements and needs! Do not hesitate to contact us!